Would you like to open your own bagel shop but don't know how?
I can help. I have the know how and the experience.

What I do for my clients

What I typically do for a client who wants to open a bagel bakery is-EVERYTHING. I begin by helping you figure out the costs and a budget, and a timetable. Then I locate the store. Usually a client suggests two or three possible sites, and I evaluate each. Sometimes I suggest an alternate. (The adage that the three key elements of success are "Location! Location! Location!" still applies) I help with space-planning. I make recommendations about all the equipment you'll need. (I can help you purchase everything you need, right down to saltshakers and napkin-holders.) And of course I teach you all I know about sourcing and costing ingredients, about devising and pricing the menu-basic and specialty bagels, toppings, salads, coffee and espresso and other drinks. Everything. I help hire and train the staff. I teach you and your employees everything I know about making good, chewy, dense, shiny bagels - and everything I know about what to put on them.

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